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FORM: Sending Crystal
SENDER: Josephine Montilyet
RECIPIENT: Everyone!
WHAT: A question! (Please talk to her, she's lonely.)
WHEN: Current
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: n/a

Good evening, everyone. My name is Josephine Montilyet and I am the Ambassador for the Inquisition. I've not had the pleasure of meeting as many of you as would like personally, so... I thought this might be an easier, more - ah - approachable way of getting to know each other better.

( She clears her throat as though to prevent herself from rambling. )

I must confess I do not know where to start. Perhaps a conversational ice-breaker will have to do. ( So much for not rambling. ) What do you miss most about your life before the Inquisition?
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I miss the Circle library. It was simply enormous, a great wealth of knowledge.

There isn't much to miss about being a Grey Warden, as those duties -and complications- still continue.
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You're kind to say so, thank you.

I would love to see more variety in the stacks; more of Genitivi's works, more publications from the University of Orlais, anything beyond what is already available. I've nothing against all the Chantry-centric works, but a greater variety can only benefit us.
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[Intention or not, it still makes Inessa smile. And then she pauses, genuinely taken aback?]

Really? I know the Inquisition has other priorities and understandably so, but if it isn't too much trouble....
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It's appreciated. Thank you.

What would you get for yourself, assuming you find time to read for pleasure?
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Agreed. I wish I could have departed Weisshaupt with some of the Warden legends from their library. They would make for some fine reading, but there was no time.
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Unfortunately, no. There was no opportunity while I was there.