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FORM: Sending Crystal
SENDER: Josephine Montilyet
RECIPIENT: Everyone!
WHAT: A question! (Please talk to her, she's lonely.)
WHEN: Current
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: n/a

Good evening, everyone. My name is Josephine Montilyet and I am the Ambassador for the Inquisition. I've not had the pleasure of meeting as many of you as would like personally, so... I thought this might be an easier, more - ah - approachable way of getting to know each other better.

( She clears her throat as though to prevent herself from rambling. )

I must confess I do not know where to start. Perhaps a conversational ice-breaker will have to do. ( So much for not rambling. ) What do you miss most about your life before the Inquisition?
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Their skill is superb, but spices aside, the best ingredients for their dishes are hard to keep fresh when they have to make it all the way down south and them up the damn mountains to reach us. There probably isn't much we can do about that, unless you can think of something.
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It's alright, I wasn't expecting that. And they definitely are, if we can keep them coming. As long as the Inquisition needs to send me to that area, I'm happy to consider it a shopping trip as well, though other sources are definitely a good idea.

[Never can have too many spices, after all.]
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Zevran, Araceli and I can show our thanks by way of making whatever comfort food from home you like.

[Well, them. She's mostly an assistant.]

We were thinking about doing an Antivan/Rivaini cuisine night sometime, anyway.
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I'll be sure to pass it on, then.