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FORM: Sending Crystal
SENDER: Josephine Montilyet
RECIPIENT: Everyone!
WHAT: A question! (Please talk to her, she's lonely.)
WHEN: Current
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: n/a

Good evening, everyone. My name is Josephine Montilyet and I am the Ambassador for the Inquisition. I've not had the pleasure of meeting as many of you as would like personally, so... I thought this might be an easier, more - ah - approachable way of getting to know each other better.

( She clears her throat as though to prevent herself from rambling. )

I must confess I do not know where to start. Perhaps a conversational ice-breaker will have to do. ( So much for not rambling. ) What do you miss most about your life before the Inquisition?
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My wine.

[ and, you know, elves not being slaves, his son and his subjects, and his soul not being slowly torn away from his body by the presence of the veil.

but also his wine. ]
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It is not my wine, though I appreciate your concern.

Perhaps some might fall through a Rift, but one can only hope.
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And so we continue to hope.

[ how does one best describe dorwinion? ] It is aged for a longer time. The grapes are grown only for that wine, and export of the seeds is prohibited.
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One-hundred years, I believe, though for our festivals we might find a bottle a few centuries older.

That is the better kind, for even elves may find themselves drunkenly joyous.
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It appears so, and it only increases with age. [ and exposure, thranduil. ]. Or it simply could be that the wines of Middle-earth are stronger as a whole, and so all peoples there have acclimated to them.

And what of you, my lady? What do you drink?
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[ it's only polite to return the favor. ]

And does the Inquisition have this in enough supply to spare a glass for me?
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I would like that, Lady Montilyet.
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Might I beg the indulgence of your company, and come to you?
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I would not have asked if I did not desire your charming company.
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[ he comes- of course he comes, he's been promised wine and conversation, bearing gifts. it's only a half of a small loaf of bread, and an even smaller bit of cheese, all wrapped up nicely, but it's something.

he has so little to be hospitable with, now.

her door is open, but he stops at the doorway, the tips of his boots barely brushing the divide. ]

May I join you?

[ for her, a smile. ]
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[ he's easily pleased by these sorts of gestures, especially when the true purpose of all her kindness has yet to be revealed- she's the inquisition's diplomat, there's more than a small measure of cleverness behind all that lovely gold silk. ]

Ah, my lady, you think of everything.

[ he glides in- the door closes nearly all the way behind him, perhaps an inch or two, but he makes no presumptions on her time or that he might forbid anyone. There's a chair by her desk, he inclines his head to indicate it. ]

Is this seat taken?
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[ he reaches for his glass once she's done pouring, and acts the polite guest by waiting for her to drink first. then he's free to take a sip, and by his pleased expression, it passes muster. ]

In the face of such hospitality, I must give you my thanks. [ he muses for a moment. ] If only it were this easy to gift all those arrived from other places a taste of home.
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Only time will see me settled in Thedas. [ he keeps the glass in his hand, settled in his palm. this feels civilized, even if his company is mannish and the world strange. not as strange as it once was-- and isn't that a thought?

he refocuses on her when her tone ends in a lilt, reaching for the basket. ]

It is only something small, and hardly worthy, but- [ he places the napkin on the table, untucks the loaf and cheese and knife, offering it handle first to her. ] you seem the sort of occupied that does not often leave time for meals.

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