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[ OPEN ] Love me, love me, say that you love me

FORM: Sending Crystal
SENDER: Alistair & Zevran
WHAT: The boys broadcast a simple thinking game.
WHEN: Before Leliana’s assassination attempt.
WHERE: Skyhold
NOTES: Adult Content, Alcohol Consumption, Adult Language, Some Sexual Content, Reader Discretion is Advised

You know, we have a game in Antiva, usually one played over drinks or during long hours while awaiting a merchant or a contact for our business- or occasionally played over a meal. Tonight I mean to play it over drinks- [ There is the tell tale sound of brandy being poured not once, but twice over. ] It is a terribly simple thing at the core. It is a game of choices and defending those choices, one of opinions. The choices are not meant to be easy ones- if they are easy to make and easier to defend? The question pitched was done incorrectly. On occasion the choices themselves are to be nigh impossible to make. It is something to agonized over while the game lasts and set aside easily without consequence once it is done.

The game is this: You are given a list of three names. Three marvelous, gorgeous, impressive people that you hold in high regard or admiration.

Or three people who are all completely awful, [ cuts in Alistair, who is Helping, and whose life coping strategies currently include a quantity of alcohol sufficient to induce good cheer but that can't actually be blamed for any bad decisions. ] Three disgusting, terrible people.

And then? The choice.

Of the three you must choose which you would marry, which you would kill, and which you would bed.

And no one takes it personally, ideally.

All in good fun, yes? And this is why the choice must be difficult. One of them dies, hypothetically, one you may have once and never again, depending upon who it is you choose to wed. Simple.

Now say we were to take...Merrill, Dorian, and Leliana. Alistair- what would you choose?

[ A long pause, and then the wounded tone of a man who did not think this through when he agreed to go along with it: ] I don't want to kill any of them.

That is why the choice is difficult and why it is a game.

Ugh. I'm pretty sure all three of them would kill me first. [ BUT FINE. ] Maybe not Merrill. So maybe I'd kill her, for the sake of self-preservation. And I'd marry Dorian. But I think if I say I'd bed Leliana I'm going to die anyway--whatever. That. No one kill me.

Interesting choice. I myself would marry Leliana as it would matter little to either of us, bed Merrill and, alas, kill Dorian. Or... perhaps I ought to bed Dorian, marry Merrill, and kill Leliana- who would likely manage to fake it somehow and the point would be moot.

[ Cheater is mumbled in the background. ]

You are only sad because you did not think of it yourself. [ Soft and singsong. ]

So now I put it to you, my fellow members of the Inquisition. Make suggestions of trios, comment upon them with your choice, debate the decisions made, or simply sit back and laugh at the foolishness. I know I look forward to any dilemma supplied.

Because you're a cheater.

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Ah, Zevran, do you intend to make me homesick? ( A pause. ) I must say that I do admire the restraint you've shown in this message.
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I must confess that I did not know you to be concerned about such matters, but it does make my work easier for me, so I won't complain.
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The effort is appreciated, truly.
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'Good influence'? I suppose it is all relative.